Case Study: Monolithic microsystems for real 3D cellculture applications

Recent advances, challenges and needs, in the fields of tissue engineering and biofabrication, have promoted a growing demand of biomedical microdevices for co-culturing different cell types, learning from their mutual interactions and applying such knowledge to the development of more efficient biomimetic platforms for drug testing and disease modeling.

“Lithography-based ceramic manufacture, working on an additive approach, using materials adequate for in vitro interaction with cells and enabling micro-features, is extremely well suited for the development of monolithic microsystems. This advanced technology opens new horizons for solving the typical limitations of labs-on-chips and organs-on-chips, especially regarding the development of such devices in a single step, with all functionalities integrated in just one part.”

The figure shows an organ-on-chip model for co-culturing different cell types, above and below the integrated cantilever micro-porous membrane, and studying their mutual interactions in a real biomimetic 3D cell culture environment.

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