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Highly complex parts

Lithoz’ innovative LCM-Technology allows the realization of design ideas without any limitation regarding the manufacturing technique

Limitations of conventional methods

Until now the possible design options of ceramic parts were mainly restricted by the manufacturing process. So far ceramic engineers had to adapt their ideas to the technical feasibility. Quite often promising concepts had to be dismissed because the structures could not be realized by means of pressing or injection molding.

Tool-free manufacturing

A tremendous benefit of the LCM-technology is the elimination of problems related to the demolding process since the parts are fabricated tool-free. Highly complex geometries containing undercuts, cavities or cellular structures can be implemented without any problem.

Manufacture the future

The LCM-technology opens up previously unimaginable opportunities with regard to the shaping of ceramic materials. The layer-by-layer building process enables the fabrication of any designed parts regardless of geometrical limitations. The main emphasis is no longer on production-oriented construction but on the uncompromising realization of the best solution possible.

The advantages at one glance:

  • no geometrical limitations
  • manufacturability of defined cellular structures
  • thin-walled structures (wall thicknesses below 200 µm)
  • implementation of undercuts and cavities
  • no demolding
  • fully functional parts