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Production of small scale series

More flexibility and faster time-to-market – Lithoz offers cost savings through simultaneous manufacturing of individual parts or small scale series without the need for expensive tools

High-quality and low costs – despite small quantities

The cost-effective production of small scale series in high-quality often poses a great challenge for companies. Lithoz offers an innovative process to accomplish this particular objective. The tool-free manufacturing enables the simultaneous production of different individual parts or small scale series up to several hundred parts at a higher speed and with lower costs than conventional methods.

Design changes and simultaneous production

Lithoz offers a system that allows a fast and easy implementation of any desired design changes in a product. There is no need for new or different tools and each geometry can be realized immediately. Moreover, differently designed parts can be fabricated in a single run. The excellent properties of the processed materials allow the fabrication of fully functional parts of the same quality as serial components.

Competitive advantages and faster time-to-market

Using the LCM-technology provided by Lithoz it is possible to produce parts exactly when they are required. In contrast to powder injection molding (PIM) no setup costs have to be considered so there is no need to produce on stock. Even design changes for the product during its life cycle can easily be implemented without raising additional costs.

The advantages at one glance:

  • low costs up to several hundred parts
  • simultaneous production without the need for tools
  • faster time-to-market
  • no setup costs
  • always available without additional costs
  • simple variations of the part geometry
  • high quality and functionality