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Wenn der Truthahn von „Thanks Giving“ wüsste...

Ende September findet in Nürnberg die „AM Ceramics“ statt. Einer der Vortragenden tanzt dabei maßgeblich aus der Reihe. Sein Wissen hat weder mit Keramik noch mit 3D-Druck zu tun. Sein Fachgebiet ist das Innovationsmanagement. Warum Wolfgang Römer dennoch viel zu dem Thema Additive Fertigung von Keramik zu sagen hat, erfahren Sie im folgenden Interview.
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AM Ceramics 2016

The event “AM CERAMICS” will be taking place on September 26th and 27th 2016 for the very first time. The two-day event focuses on the successful integration of additive manufacturing ceramics in the company and is organized in cooperation with Lithoz, the German Ceramic Society, Cluster Werkstoff Keramik, Bayern Innovativ, as well as the specialist media, Ceramic Applications and the CFI.
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Customized Material Development

The reasons behind wanting material that has been specially adapted to fit your needs are as manifold as the possible uses of the LCM technology!
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Lithoz achieves EN ISO 9001:2015

We are pleased to announce that as of February 2016 Lithoz has been certified for the development, manufacture and distribution of production machinery and material for the additive manufacture of high-performance ceramics in accordance with ISO 9001:2015.
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Art Project “The Face of Lithoz”

Have you ever asked yourself what the face of a company looks like or what we mean by this? In the course of an art project, Lithoz examined this concept and proudly presents the resulting face of our company.
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EOS-founder Dr. Hans J. Langer invests in Lithoz

Dr. Hans J. Langer, founder of the high-tech-company EOS, is the new partner of Lithoz GmbH.
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Opening Party Lithoz America

Lithoz America LLC held its opening event on May 3rd at their new facility in the Rensselaer Technology Park in Troy, New York, to celebrate their successful launch.
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Case Study: Monolithic microsystems for real 3D cellculture applications

Recent advances, challenges and needs, in the fields of tissue engineering and biofabrication, have promoted a growing demand of biomedical microdevices for co-culturing different cell types, learning from their mutual interactions and applying such knowledge to the development of more efficient biomimetic platforms for drug testing and disease modeling.
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