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Company Overview

Lithoz GmbH

Lithoz GmbH, based in Vienna, specializes in the development and production of ceramic materials and additive manufacturing systems (3D printing) for the simple and cost-effective production of high- performance ceramic prototypes, small scale series and complex parts.

Patented process

Based on long-term research at the Vienna University of Technology, Lithoz developed the patented LCM (Lithography- based Ceramic Manufacturing)-process. The LCM-process allows the production of high-performance ceramic parts at the highest level without any tooling costs. Especially in terms of density, strength and precision the produced parts meet the highest demands of the ceramic industry and research.

Our range of services

Lithoz offers its customers a complete system – machine, software, and different ceramic materials - for the efficient production of ceramic parts without the need for post-processing. Due to the high quality and precision of the produced parts, they can also be used in series production. In addition to the standard products Lithoz also offers customer-specific development and individual solutions.

About us

Lithoz currently has 24 employees in the fields of polymer chemistry, ceramics, mechanical engineering, process management, application and software development. This way Lithoz covers the whole process chain within the company.

National and international research projects

Thanks to our long term collaboration with several research institutes as well as our customers we are able to meet the high quality requirements of our clients and match our products to their individual needs and wishes perfectly. We are happy to support our customers in the realization of R&D-projects with our experience of many years on a national and international level.