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The Face of Lithoz

Have you ever asked yourself what the face of a company looks like or what we mean by this? In the course of an art project, Lithoz examined this concept and proudly presents the resulting face of our company.

What we have in common is that we are different. (Ólafur Elíasson)

Lithoz' success has many faces – each team member is unique in their personality, their abilities and actions! Day after day our staff employs their individual abilities for Lithoz.

The sum is however greater than the amount of its parts – only through the interdisciplinary collaboration and solidarity of a variety of people was it possible to develop a manufacturing system that enables us to generatively manufacture ceramics for industrial and medical uses.

Together we form the unique face of Lithoz!

Art Project “The Face of Lithoz”

As part of an art project with the photographer Robert Staudinger the concept of a face for the company was investigated and realized through a series of portraits! By using a specially developed procedure the artist compiles the individual personalities of Lithoz to a common multiple. Photocopying and layering the individual team members in a roster of conform proportions and identical lighting conditions results in a portrait of community.

Robert Staudinger creates a piece, which isn't characterized by the equalization and unification of the characters portrayed, but rather is made possible only through their interaction. The individual is not lost within the community, is not bereft of his/her attributes, but influences the outcome as a whole, and makes it possible.

In the collective solidarity of our stellar and talented staff lies the cornerstone and basis of Lithoz. They are the breeding ground for innovation and future – and respectively the key of Lithoz' success!