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Lithoz offers its customers a number of products and services along the entire value chain for additive manufacturing of technical ceramics. Find out more about our range of services here!


Ceramic 3D-printing Systems & Materials and Customer-Specific Developments

Lithoz specializes in the development and production of manufacturing systems for 3D-printing high-performance ceramics. We offer our customers a complete system consisting of machines, software and various ceramic materials for manufacturing parts of the highest quality.

Our in-house specialists possess expert knowledge concerning the entire value chain of ceramic manufacturing. In addition to our standard products and competent consultations we offer customer-specific solutions for more complex challenges in industry and research.

Feasibility Studies & Customer-Specific Material Development

Customer-Specific Material Development

Since many companies in the ceramic industry have adjusted their processes to fit certain powder properties, Lithoz offers the possibility of adapting the LCM procedure to fit any specific powder. In the course of a feasibility study, the necessary adjustments to the process and the organic binding component are made to ensure the production of high-quality products. This procedure is generally suitable for all powder materials and as such, LCM has enabled the development of a wide spectrum of customer-specific raw materials.


Supporting Application Development

With established, conventional ceramic manufacturing methods it is necessary to take certain boundaries into account when constructing ceramic parts. The LCM procedure lets us overcome these boundaries and produce component geometries which are not achievable when using conventional manufacturing methods. Lithoz will gladly support you in the course of a feasibility study that will allow you to explore completely new paths in application development.

Beginning with your initial idea, along the construction process and all the way to the final production of your ceramic parts – Lithoz will lend a helping hand.

Consulting & Workshops

Additive manufacturing has been subject to one of the biggest hypes of the past few years. Various application examples spring up in the media, showing the manifold possibilities of this technology. Though such examples are many, the true potential of additive manufacturing systems is unfortunately frequently underestimated.

In order to create truly radical innovation, the paradigm needs to be profoundly shifted. Pioneers and innovators have come to understand that such a paradigm shift cannot simply be achieved through the acquisition of a manufacturing system but that the significant advantages of this technology can only be secured through completely new approaches in development and construction.

Lithoz offers product developers and engineers various workshops as well as consulting services to become more familiar with the specific characteristics of additive manufacturing and to unlock its full potential for their product and their innovation.

Research Projects & Partnerships

Lithoz emerged as a spin-off from the Vienna University of Technology from an innovation that was created through years of research and development. From no more than a theory, a technology was developed that is unparalleled throughout the world.

Research and development continue to be cornerstones of Lithoz’ business philosophy. Active collaboration with diverse research facilities and participation in various, international research projects have made Lithoz a driving force in planning and implementing research projects and collaborations. We readily support our customers in implementing research projects, nationally as well as internationally.

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