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Resource-saving 3D printing technology by Lithoz


On-demand Production
Lithoz provides a 3D printing system that can produce high-performance ceramics components, starting from a lot size one. Individual pieces and small series are made without tools, directly from CAD data. The CeraFab 7500 allows a parallel production of multiple components, meaning that different individual pieces can be produced at the same time. This leads to more efficiency in production and warehousing.

Low material consumption - No minimum filling capacity
In contrast to subtractive ceramic moulding processes where the desired component is carved out of a solid, additive manufacturing does the opposite. In Lithoz’ LCM process, the printed component is pulled out of the vat during the printing process. The amount of used material is minimal and equals the volume of the printed layers. The material remaining in the vat is left for further use.

A further advantage of Lithoz’ printer is its cartridge system. In contrast to many other additive manufacturing processes, the LCM process of Lithoz can run with a capacity of only 10ml! The low material consumption of the machine results in a very low capital commitment.

Easy to integrate Plug & Play System
The CeraFab 7500 is a reliable and user-friendly plug & play network printer, enabling the simple production of high-quality components.Thanks to the lean machine design, the CeraFab 7500 can be integrated effortlessly in any laboratory. The LED-based projection system for stereolithography requires no special safety precautions. The particular design keeps both the operating costs and energy consumption low.