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The software package of Lithoz

The software package developed by Lithoz contains two programmes which enable the simple production of parts with the CeraFab 7500 directly generated from CAD-data. It is characterized by its high functionality and user-friendliness. The individual programmes are attuned with further system components of Lithoz to ensure the smooth production process of high quality parts.

Simple data preparation and machine control

With the CeraFab DP the parts are read in the format stl. Then the designed 3D-modell is virtually sliced into thin layers and processed for production with the software. All relevant process parameters can be determined with the software. Additionally it is possible to save desired building parameters as well as change them. A preview of the layer structure is possible in order to allow an error check before starting the building process. This process is followed by transmitting the Fab-data directly to the machine via network.

With the CeraFab HC all necessary processes are started directly at the machine in a simple and clear way. The user surface gives up-to-date information on the current building status and the remaining building time. The operation of the system can be learned quickly and easily. By means of six keys only the whole steering process can be done directly on the machine.