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Lithography-based ceramic manufacture (LCM) of auxetic structures: present capabilities and challenges

Smart Materials and Structures, Apr 2016

Andres Diaz Lantada · Adrián de Blas Romero · Martin Schwentenwein · Christopher Jellinek · Johannes Homa

Every day experience shows that expanding a rubber band leads to a decrease in the bands diameter (until it ruptures and snaps one´s finger). An auxetic structure behaves the other way round, i.e. the diameter of a rubber band would increase when stretched and decrease when compressed. With the help of the LCM technology highly precise and complex auxetic geometries made of ceramic could be achieved.


Lithography-based additive manufacture of ceramic biodevices with design-controlled surface topographies

International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology,  May 2016


Adrián de Blas Romero · Markus Pfaffinger · Gerald Mitteramskogler · Martin Schwentenwein · Christopher Jellinek · Johannes Homa · Andrés Díaz Lantada · Jürgen Stampfl

The addition of a defined micro-structure on the surface of a part allows to achieve advanced functionalities. For example, in the biomedical field the surface of a mini-reactor can be specially designed to study the mobility of cells. The accuracy of the LCM technology enables the actual manufacturing of defined micro-topologies, instead of being the result of the machining processes or special chemical treatment.


Stereolithography of SiOC Ceramic Microcomponents

Advanced Materials, Nov 2015

Erika Zanchetta · Marco Cattaldo · Giorgia Franchin · Martin Schwentenwein · Johannes Homa · Giovanna Brusatin · Paolo Colombo

Lithography-Based Ceramic Manufacturing: A Novel Technique for Additive Manufacturing of High-Performance Ceramics

Advances in Science and Technology, Oktober 2014

Martin Schwentenwein · Peter Schneider · Johannes Homa

Additive Manufacturing of Dense Alumina Ceramics

International Journal of Applied Ceramic Technology, September  2014

Martin Schwentenwein · Johannes Homa

How can CIM benefit from additive manufacturing?

PIM International, August 2014

Martin Schwentenwein · Johannes Homa

A Novel Additive Manufacturing Technology for High-Performance Ceramics

Ceramic Engineering and Science Proceedings, Jan 2014

Johannes Homa · Martin Schwentenwein