Lithoz inaugurates their new Innovation Lab, specially designed for further advancing ceramic 3D printing

Lithoz inaugurates their new Innovation Lab, specially designed for further advancing ceramic 3D printing
• Grand opening of Lithoz Innovation Lab on 14th May 2020, Vienna by the Executive City Councillor, the Rector to Technical University Vienna, the Institute Director of Fraunhofer IKTS and CEO/CTO of Lithoz GmbH • Press conference and tour of the lab to be held during the day • LIL will support and encourage innovation in ceramic additive manufacturing

Lithoz GmbH, world-leading company in ceramic additive manufacturing, recently announced the official opening of the Lithoz Innovation Lab. The official opening will take place on the 14th May. The new space, dedicated entirely to advancing ceramic 3D printing, will be located at Lithoz headquarters in Vienna, Austria and will cover an area over 200 m²

What is the Lithoz Innovation Lab?

The Lithoz Innovation Lab (LIL) represents a hub of expertise where customers and partner companies will make use of Lithoz’s expert knowledge of 3D printing to accelerate their developments and innovation in ceramic manufacturing. The center will be the home of ceramic manufacturing in the future, allowing new ideas to meet the digital world and finally be transformed into a reality. The LIL will host training sessions and innovation programmes as well as featuring the latest in ceramic 3D printing technologies, while Lithoz’s team of experienced experts will be on hand to give guidance and advice about each step of the process

Professor Alexander Michaelis, of the Fraunhofer Institute for Ceramic Technologies and Systems IKTS, gave his positive opinion of the new space: ‘This new state-of-the-art facility is a huge leap forward, as it gives industry and R&D the opportunity to push the limits of ceramic 3D printing while making discoveries along the way. Lithoz’s expertise in ceramic 3D printing supports every aspect of advanced ceramic material development and provides cross-industry solutions for new product development and production processes.

The grand opening will feature a press conference held by Lithoz’s CEO, a lab tour and speeches held by:

- Peter Hanke (Executive City Councillor for Finance, Economy, Digitisation and International Affairs)
- o. Univ. Prof. Dipl. -Ing. Dr. techn. Dr. -Ing.h.c. Sabine Seidler (Rector of Technical University of Vienna)
- Prof. Dr. rer. nat. habil. Alexander Michaelis (Institute Director of Fraunhofer Institute for Ceramics, Technologies and Systems IKTS)
- Dr. Johannes Benedikt, CTO & Dr. Johannes Homa, CEO (Lithoz co-founders)

The opening will be accompanied by the Vienna University of Technology Choir, and there will be a big celebration with Lithoz’s partners and members of the press.

For more information about the LIL grand opening, please contact Lithoz at


About Lithoz:

Lithoz GmbH. is the global-market leader for ceramic 3D printing. Founded in 2011, the company is an innovator of solutions in additive manufacturing of ceramics. Extensive collaborations in industrial and research areas has allowed Lithoz to evolve into a industry-leading partner, supporting their customers in the adoption of ceramic additive manufacturing.