Dr. Johannes Homa, CEO
Dr. Johannes Benedikt, CTO


Breaking the boundaries of technological innovation. Together.

We understand that only by working together can a vision be transformed into reality. We also know that overcoming limitations requires free space to grow and learn. With these beliefs, we foster new ideas, cherish creativity and encourage open communication with every team member and every partner.

The results of this engaging work environment and our reliable partnerships just go to show how much the little details matter. And that is how we ensure that you stay ahead of your competition.

Reaching beyond ourselves, breaking the boundaries of technological innovation and thinking ahead to the future. That is what additive manufacturing means to us.

Many years of research at the Vienna University of Technology equipped Dr. Johannes Homa and Dr. Johannes Benedikt with extensive technical knowledge of additive manufacturing of high-performance ceramics. In 2011 they founded Lithoz GmbH as a spin-off from the TU Vienna.

Dr. Benedikt and Dr. Homa have had many publications and are co-inventors of a number of patents in the field of additive manufacturing. In addition to their role in the company, they have both been active as lecturers in various educational establishments and universities since 2006.


Lithoz specializes in the development and production of materials and additive manufacturing systems for the 3D printing of bone replacement material and high-performance ceramics.

Through interdisciplinary collaboration between specialists in the areas of mechanical engineering, process engineering and chemistry, Lithoz has succeeded in developing a manufacturing system for the additive manufacture of ceramics suited to industrial and medical applications.

This system, which has been developed in Austria, is specially suited to producing highly precise components for complex applications. The components produced meet the high levels of density, stability and precision required by the ceramics industry and ceramic research.

 Lithoz offers customer specific solutions, along with expert and specialist advice along the entire value chain.

Through the co-operation of diverse research facilities and lively exchange with our customers, we are able to continuously improve our range of services and adapt to meet and surpass the high levels of quality that our customers deserve.