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Quality Policy

Lithoz was founded with the goal to provide a manufacturing process for industry and research that would overcome the limitations of conventional manufacturing methods for high-performance ceramics while also meeting the high standards of quality required by the industry. The cornerstone of Lithoz’ success is our customers’ satisfaction with our products and services.

Thus, Lithoz’ quality policy was devised having taken into consideration the requirements and circumstances of the ceramics industry. It helps us strive to not only ensure our customers’ satisfaction but to improve on it as well.


High-performance ceramics are mostly used in situations where other materials fail. With such extraordinary and extreme parameters it is of the utmost importance that the applications we manufacture for our clients are absolutely flawless and completely functional.

It is Lithoz’ ambition to supply our customers with high quality materials and devices that allow them to produce their own highest quality. In that sense, the quality of services also plays an important role and we pride ourselves in offering support to our customers with expertise and competence concerning the handling of our systems.

Due to their excellent properties, ceramic materials can be applied in many different areas. This results in an array of customer requirements for our systems as well as our materials.

We at Lithoz make it our goal to evaluate and realize these requirements. To receive the necessary information from our customers, it is of great importance that we maintain an open line of communication. We believe that cautious handling of sensitive information and strict adherence to confidentiality clauses are imperative in these circumstances.

Lithoz’ customers are its lifeblood! For this reason, Lithoz believes that, in addition to our own constant research and development work, the client should also be included in the project.

Thus, Lithoz’ responsibility is to remain in steady and direct contact with our customers in order to further develop our range of offers and services and to improve on them. Establishing and developing our processes are further company commitments.


Lithoz achieves EN ISO 9001:2015

In Mid-February of 2019 Lithoz was certified for the development, manufacture and distribution of production machinery and material for additive manufacturing high-performance ceramics in accordance with ISO 9001:2015.