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EY Entrepreneur Of The Year 2018

EY Entrepreneur Of The Year 2018
Over the past 30 years, the EY Entrepreneur Of The Year has become a most renowed and coveted award for enterprisers worldwide.
On 15th October 2018, the examination board once again presented the EY Entrepreneur Of The Year™ Award to stand out entrepreneurs, and Lithoz won in the 'Start-Ups' category. Each nominee was evaluated based upon the following criteria: entrepreneurial performance, business development, strength of innovation, leadership and the sustainability of the company.

Arbeitsplätze durch Innovation 2018

Lithoz presented with the “Arbeitsplätze durch Innovation” Award
The enterprising “Arbeitsplätze durch Innovation” (Workplace through Innovation) award is given to businesses whose excellent economic growth is due to their innovative products or services and their exceptional working conditions.

Österreichs Wachstumchampion 2018

Lithoz is the Champion of Growth 2018
The news magazine Profile, in co-operation with the statistic portal statista.com, recently presented the “Österreichs Wachstumchampion 2018” (The Growth Champion 2018) award to various companies.
The nominees for this award included both small and middle-sized enterprisers located in Austria which made a turnover of at least 1 million Euros during 2013-2016, and which also remained independent and grew organically at the same time.
Lithoz is proud of being placed 12th in Austria, with a growth rate of 68%.

Austria’s Born Global Champions Award 2017

Austria’s Born Global Champions Award for Lithoz

The Austria’s Born Global Champions Award honours fresh and dynamic young enterprises and their outstanding contribution to the internationalization of the Austrian economy.

Exportpreis 2017

Exportpreis for Lithoz

The Export Award Austria in the category business and trade was presented to Lithoz by Dr. Harald Mahrer, Austria’s federal minister of research & development and president of the Austrian Chamber of Commerce Dr. Christoph Leitl. This prestigious annual award is given to domestic enterprises for their extraordinary success and commitment on transnational non-domestic markets.

Vienna Start-Up Award 2015

vienna businessaward.png

Nomination for Lithoz


The Vienna Start-up Award is a commendation awarded by the Vienna Business Agency. It is meant to highlight the achievements and potential of young entrepreneurs and start-ups in Vienna and is presented in four categories.

Lithoz was able to obtain a standing among the top three companies in the category “rising star”. The “rising star” award is given to young enterprises which are fortunate enough to present economic success just shortly after their formation.

Hidden Champion Award 3.0 2014

Award for Lithoz

Lithoz received the “Hidden Champion” award which, in addition to honoring leadership in innovation and technology, recognizes outstanding contributions to the Austrian export economy.

Crescendo 2014


1st place for Lithoz in the category “On the Rise”

The Crescendo Award, a commendation by the Viennese Economic Chambers, acknowledges outstanding economic performances and entrepreneurial individuals. The category “On the Rise” honors companies which are especially successful in realizing the idea of a thriving enterprise.

European Business Awards 2013/2014


Lithoz is elected National Champion

Within over 15.000 companies, Lithoz was selected as one of Europe´s brightest businesses actively demonstrating the core principles of the European Business Awards: success, innovation and ethics. The company was elected one of the 12 national champions in Austria.

Econovius 2013


Nomination for Lithoz

On March 13th, 2013 Mr.Reinhold Mitterlehner, the Minister of Economic Affairs will present the Austrian National Award for Innovation 2013. Within this ceremony a special prize, the ECONOVIUS, will be given to the most innovative small and medium-sized Company (SME). Lithoz is nominated for this award together with 4 other companies.

Phönix Award 2013

Lithoz is titled best Austrian spin-off

Lithoz was awarded the “Phönix” 2013 as the best spin-off enterprise within Austria. The “Phönix” award was created by the Austrian Federal Ministry of Science, Research and Economy to highlight the significant linkage that exists between economy and science.

Houskapreis 2013

2nd place for LCM technology


The Houska Award is Austria’s biggest private research award and has been presented by the renowned private foundation B&C since 2005. In 2013 the Vienna University of Technology was awarded 2nd place for their research project concerning 3D printers for ceramic high-performance materials.

The team surrounding Dr. Jürgen Stampfl of the Institute of Materials Science and Technology was able to impress the jury with their novel LCM technology, a project that Dr. Johannes Homa and Dr. Johannes Benedikt were significantly involved in.

Golden-Pixel Award 2013

1st place in the category of Industrial Printing Projects for Lithoz

The Golden Pixel Award is presented for particularly progressive and innovative printing projects in Austria and has been one of the most prestigious and renowned awards in the Austrian printing and media industry for over 13 years.
In 2013, Lithoz came first in the Industrial Printing Projects category, in which Lithoz was evaluated by a committee as definitively having the most innovative and promising applications.


EuroMold Award 2012


The Austria’s Born Global Champions Award was received the same day which honours fresh and dynamic young enterprises and their outstanding contribution to the internationalization of the Austrian economy.


Mercur 2012

1st place for Lithoz in the category ICT/Technology


In 2012 Lithoz won 1st place in the category ICT/Technology. The Mercur prize is the Award for Innovation presented by the Viennese Economic Chambers. The ceremony was held for the 25th time in 2012 and the submitted projects were assessed by the Institute for Industrial Science (IWI).



1st place for Lithoz in the category “Idea of the Year”

As part of the entrepreneur award ceremony held by GEWINN magazine, Lithoz was awarded the 1st place in the category “Idea of the Year”. The business magazine GEWINN awards the prize in five categories: Hightech, Export, IT/E-Commerce, Environment and Idea of the Year.


2nd place for Lithoz in the category “Start-Up Entrepreneur 2012”

Lithoz was awarded the 2nd place in the category “Start-Up Entrepreneur 2012”. The entrepreneur competition, held by the business magazine GEWINN, annually decorates the top entrepreneurs with the award.

Inits Award 2011

1st place for Dr. Johannes Benedikt

Dr. Johanner Benedikt, CTO of Lithoz, was awarded 1st place in the INiTS Awards 2011. His PhD thesis “Additive Manufacturing Technologies of ceramic parts for dental applications” won over the distinguished members of the jury. The INiTS Award honors innovative scientific papers that show promising economic adaptability.

i2b Businessplan-Wettbewerb 2011

2nd place for Lithoz

In the course of the 11th Business Plan Competition, the top business plans of the year were awarded prizes amounting to 150 000 euros. Of the 353 submitted business plans, 11 were commended by the Erste Bank during the award ceremony in December 2011. Lithoz’ (formerly Homa & Co.) business plan secured 2nd place in the competition.

RIZ GENIUS Ideenwettbewerb 2011

3rd place for Lithoz

Der RIZ GENIUS Ideen- und Gründerpreis ist ein Wettbewerb mit dem Ziel, neue, kreative und umsetzbare Geschäftsideen für Produkte, Dienstleistungen, Verfahren oder Geschäftsmodelle für die heimische Wirtschaft auszuzeichnen. Lithoz (vormals Homa & Co. KG) erzielte beim Ideenwettbewerb 2011 den 3. Platz.