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Application of high resolution DLP stereolithograhpy for fabrication of tricalcium phosphate scaffolds for bone regeneration

Lithoz: How Lithography-based Ceramic AM is expanding the opportunities for technical ceramics

3D-Druck von Keramik als vielseitiges Herstellungsverfahren für Medizinprodukte

Lattice Microarchitecture for Bone Tissue Engineering from Calcium Phospahte Compared to Titanium

Osteoconductive Microarchitecture of Bone Substitutes for Bone Regeneration Revisited

3D-Printing of High-Strength and Bioresorbable Ceramics for Dental and Maxillofacial Surgery Applications - the LCM Process

Emerging Technologies and Concepts for 5G Applications - A. Making Additive Manufactured Ceramic Microwave Filters Ready for 5G

The magic cube: towards a theoretical framework to explain the disruptive potential of additive manufacturing

Lithography-based additive manufacture of ceramic biodevices with design-controlled surface topographies

Ceramic additive manufacturing as an alternative for the development of miniaturized microwave filters

Development of monoblock TM dielectric resonator filters with additive manufacturing

Practical Considerations in the Design of Monoblock TM Dielectric Resonator Filters with Additive Manufacturing

Additive Manufacturing of Ceramic Materials: a Performance Comparison of Catalysts for Monpropellant Thrusters

Performance Comparison between Extruded and Printed Ceramic Monoliths for Catalysts

Lithography-based ceramic manufacture (LCM) of auxetic structures: present capabilities and challenges

New technologies for ammonium dinitramide based monopropellant thrusters – The project RHEFORM

Additive Manufacturing of Dense Alumina Ceramics

How Can CIM Benefit from Additive Manufacturing?

Lithography-based Ceramic Manufacturing: A Novel Technique for Additive Manufacturing of High-Performance Ceramics

Stereolithography of SiOC Ceramic Microcomponents

Biomechanical testing of zirconium dioxide osteosynthesis system for Le Fort I advancement osteotomy fixation

Why Decision Makers Should Care about Additive Manufacturing

Lithography-based additive manufacture of ceramic biodevices with design-controlled surface topographies

Additive Manufacturing of Ceramics: Solutions and opportunities for the CIM industry