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database-driven software for your digital production

Lithoz CeraFab Control is a powerful database-driven software platform to promote complete traceability, intelligent data analysis of production related data and greater efficiency in manufacturing. Job preparation becomes simpler and more intuitive with the integration of tried-and-tested process parameters for all ceramic materials. Large volumes of production data are centrally stored for an additive manufacturing process ready for Industry 4.0. Users will have the ability to make faster, better-informed decisions.

Thanks to new optional modules, application and new material development greatly benefit from being able to make real-time adjustments to advanced printing parameters and the building process. On top of this, customers can reliably implement quality assurance, while also ensuring that the 3D printing processes are optimized for maximum productivity.

Software modules



Advanced tools: Mastering LCM

This powerful toolset will enhance your material development and allow you to truly push the limits of your application. Having access to advanced process
allows for the most complex possible geometries, tailored for your application. By optimizing advanced parameters 3D printing time is significantly saved.


The darling of developers: on-site adjustments

Real-time adjustment of process parameters during an ongoing 3D print run, directly at the machine. Save time and material while optimizing your specific process to serial production performance.


Quality backbone: utilize your data

Guarantee reliable quality control and assurance from industrial to medical device production and take advantage of large volume of production data. Your  production data is fully documented (e.g. Excel, ERP integration), allowing for intelligent data analysis and automatic creation of customizable reports.


Real-time process monitoring and automatic control

Increase the usability of the 3D printers with a set of tools for real-time monitoring and control of the 3D printing process via live-video transmission from remote. Users can stay productive throughout the day while still being able to interact with their machines from their desks. Designed to automatically adjust advanced production-relevant parameters.

CeraFab Data Server

Interconnected Multi-CeraFab Systems

Use several interconnected CeraFab Systems with one CeraFab Control software. All process data is stored in one central database which allows for centralized data management and usage. Option to integrate CeraVision and CeraDoc for interconnected CeraFab Systems.

CeraFab Data Server Secure

Secure Data removal

Secure Data Removal is guaranteed for export control compliance.


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