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CeraCleaning Station Ultra

It is our goal at Lithoz to support our clients along the entire value chain of the additive production of high-performance ceramics. As experts in this field we know that in addition to a reliable manufacturing process, component cleaning is also an important step when producing high-quality ceramic parts. In cooperation with our in-house experts we have developed an ideal work area for cleaning ceramic components. The CeraCleaning Station Ultra is based on the longstanding experience of our employees in cleaning 3D-printed components and their preparation for thermal post-processing.

CeraCleaning Station Ultra


The cleaning station is the ideal working area for cleaning and post-processing printed components. Practical use as well as ergonomic design were focus points during conceptualization.


Simple and clear-cut installation

The cleaning station can be easily installed in any lab with minimal effort. The unit is equipped with yellow glass and a suction unit which make elaborate lighting and ventilation systems unnecessary. Alternatively, the cleaning station can be connected to an already existing ventilation system.


Ergonomically thought out workspace

Everything in its rightful place. Integrated inputs for adjustable compressed air and cleaning fluid allow exact application with the airbrush gun. Comfortable arm rests for safe, fatigue-free work facilitate right- and left-handed operation.

All tools and work equipment can be found at an ideal distance. Ergonomically aligned storage boxes for all tools such as blades and towels are within the working area. Excess cleaning liquid and support structures can be discarded easily and precisely in the integrated waste receptacles without any interruption to the workflow.