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Lithoz offers various training courses to allow you to get the most out of the AM process and your product. Understand the operating principles of your Lithoz 3D Printer and acquire the knowledge to be able to produce high-quality parts at an industrial level.

As the leading technology provider of additive manufacturing systems for high performance ceramics, our in-house experts have years of experience in areas such as ceramics engineering and technology, polymer chemistry and software engineering. As your partner, we pass this knowledge on to you and support you with tailored training courses, enabling you to produce efficiently and to a consistently high standard.

These courses are individually tailored to suit different requirements and levels of previous experience.

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"For years now, we at Bosch Advanced Ceramics have been successfully using LCM technology for innovative customer projects. We count on Lithoz as a technology owner for the further development of LCM expertise. The ideal format of LCM-intensive training would be that it works towards building competency, with individual focuses. The refreshing combination of in-depth background knowledge and practical demonstration offers a varied experience and direct benefits that we can utilize in our projects - all to the benefit of our customers." 
Nikolai Sauer, LCM Expert at Bosch Advanced Ceramics


You will receive the fundamental training to start you on the right path. Learn the fundamentals of the LCM process and understand the basics of operating your machine. You will learn the correct procedures of preparing, printing and post-treating your first parts. Recommended either shortly before installation at Lithoz HQ or during the set-up of your machine at your facility.
Course content can be customized, for example:
Machine mechanics and operation, data processing, software preparation, printing parameters, materials for LCM, hands-on printing and post-processing operations.


You will gain more knowledge about the advanced operating principles of your machine and acquire a comprehensive understanding of the LCM process. Lithoz experts will give you practical tips along the way to allow you to keep your machine running smoothly and produce efficiently.  Recommended after 3-5 months of experience with your machine.
Course content can be customized, for example:
Processing of specific materials, analyzing and optimizing production, influencing factors on production process, design optimization.


These courses are an ideal opportunity for experienced users to master the technical and practical knowledge needed for AM and to stay ahead with the latest developments and innovations in the field. With this course, you will reach the full potential of AM for your applications and greatly enhance your productivity. Recommended after 1 year experience with your machine.
Course content can be customized, for example:
Processing of specific materials, application optimization, process parameters optimization and productivity enhancement, reproducibility analysis.


As partners, we will support you with expert advice on the additive manufacturing of ceramics. Get in touch to discuss your project and receive in-house expertise and guidance from our team.

Isabel Potestio, M.Sc.
Isabel Potestio, M.Sc.
Head of sales and marketing
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