TCT Asia 2021 – Lithoz China’s first event

TCT Asia 2021 – Lithoz China’s first event
Lithoz China’s first event appearance, headed by Hongyi Yang, was a success

On 26th-28th May 2021, TCT Asia took place in Shanghai, showcasing the potential of additive manufacturing and 3D printing technology for companies and innovators from over 24 countries. After the recent foundation of Lithoz China, this was their first event to strengthen Lithoz’s presence in Asia and showcase our innovative 3D printing systems and technologies there. Hongyi Yang, EOS China’s ecosystem sales manager and sales manager at Lithoz China, was present at the event along with some examples of the complex and durable components produced using Lithoz technology.

At the event, Lithoz China showcased a 3D-printed ceramic core for engine turbine blade casting, where the internal junction of the blade can be made into a complex hollow structure thanks to the innovative LCM technology. This component had been made to meet specific customer requirements, customized all the way from shape to material and even equipment.

Mr. Yang was very happy with the success of the event, stating, ‘It is the first time Lithoz has been present in an AM exhibition with its Chinese name, 俐陶智. More than just a local name, Lithoz China has set up a complete local marketing service, including a Chinese homepage and the official Wechat account, which highlights Lithoz’s great ambitions for the Chinese market. Based on joint operations with EOS China, Lithoz will also become capable of even more local services in the near future, helping to meet the rapidly growing demand for the ceramic 3D printing industry.’